Tropical Rendezvous
A new job beckons in a tropical paradise and contractor Raphaella Lawson is delighted.

A little work, a lot of sun and fun, a working vacation. But the rundown old mansion turns out to be in a lot worse shape than she expected. And it comes with a grizzled handyman who seems to have his own ideas about the place.

The handyman turns out to be none other than her elusive boss, billionaire Marcus Kace. When she sees him with a shave and some clean clothes, Ella can't deny her attraction to her new boss. And he seems just as interested in her.

When an unseasonable storm traps Ella and Marcus in the leaky old house, they act on their mutual attraction. Which leaves Ella with a dilemma: She's promised herself never to mix work and romance. Does she leave her new job so she can stay with Marcus, or deny her feelings and keep her job?

Feral Martian Publishing

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