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Ronnie Dawson - Still a lot of Rhythm

The blonde bomber. He literally towered above us mere mortals. He opened for Elvis, covered Rockin' Bones - which later became a favourite of the Cramps, and was a true king among men. Interesting factoid, some lyrics from Rockin' Bones were lifted from an ancient British folk ballad called Rake and Ramblin' Man which goes - When I die don't bury me at all, just soak my bones in alcohol. Very dark and cool. Ronnie was rediscovered by the wily Brits over 20 years ago, and this LP was his first new release since the early sixties. Turns out he was sitting on a pile of new material he'd written since his career ran outta steam thirty years ago. I saw him live in Buffalo, he played for 3 hours. He was killer. See if you can find a tape of him doing "Monkey Beat" on the Conan O'Brien Show.... Ronnie recently passed away, and the world is a poorer place.

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