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After The Cramps, my favourite group in the genre. The Stingrays were political, and did songs about topics that were important to me at the time, like other punk musicians selling-out. Those were simpler days... This is their first album and they attacked the material with a punk ferocity, but had a rockabilly flavour and a stand-up bass. Contains an odd spoken word track, where they declare their fondness for The Cramps and The Meteors. I'd never heard that done before. They were my favourites too! I felt a real kinship with The Stingrays. Drive-in Movie is my pick hit. Consistantly smart lyrics, two of the band member were medical students, and their school demands later broke up the band. The back cover is a dead-on parody of sixties record covers. I purchased this used, and the recording is so fast and loose, the guy in the record store put a note on it saying that it was damaged! They had a few records, and the final release was veering towards folk, the band was even wearing turtlenecks by then... Look around here for an amazing Cramps parody side project, The Bananamen!

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