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First LP from Ron and Russell Mael. Sparks are always clever and satirical, with sort of a Glam-Punk electronic thing going on. Believe me, you have to try it. They seem to inspire a strong reaction, you'll either love them or hate them. My personal favourite album is Indiscreet, that's the one I first purchased new. I have them all, even the one disco release - which really bothered me at the time. The two brothers continue to play to the present day, and have an interesting up-to-date web page. All their LP's are beautifully recorded, usually produced by Ron. Sparks has always been more popular in Europe, and I have some fuzzy but great live video from the mid-seventies. I saw them live once in Toronto, around the Angst in My Pants era. See Telex, for an oddball side project.

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