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Fats Waller - At the Organ

I'm a huge fan of Fats Waller and this is an LP of his piano rolls newly recorded on a massive theater organ. I prefer his organ music, which is creepy to me beyond belief. Sounds like a roller rink in hell. David Lynch used Fats' music in Eraserhead - that's where I first heard of him. Fats wrote hundred of pop tunes, but considered himself a serious musician at the organ, lived hard and died young. All his recordings are peppered with witty asides and many double entendres. See if you can find the BBC recordings. Fats broke through the colour barrier early as a headliner in London, but the idiot UK emcee continues to refer to him as Boy, and a noticibly angry Fats can barely contain himself. Also, if you like stride piano, try Willie The Lion Smith, who tutored the young Waller. I must have twenty Waller albums and they are all great.

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