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Link Wray - Rumble

In my books, the number one guitar god of all time. Link set the distorted tone that would be aped by the garage movement and then the punks, all the way to the present day... Known for his guitar instrumentals, I actually like his raw vocals as well. I have a ton of his releases, but I thought you might like to see this hideous reissue cover that features an intentionally blurry photo. BAD. Link has probably had three comebacks by this point, and still played amazing live and loud shows. Check out comeback number two, 1979's menacing Bullshot, released after he came back into the public eye when he was playing backup for Robert Gordon. His best classic reissues are on Norton and the double CD even comes with a guitar pick. He also produced other musicians, and I've managed to get a slew of his original 45's on Swan. Link recently left us - rest in piece.

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