Soundtrack - You're a Good Man Charlie Brown

Original cast recording of the broadway success. Cover created for this release by Charles Schulz and features Charlie Brown and Snoopy. Stereo. Based on the comic strip ""Peanuts"" by Charles M. Schulz. Music and lyrics by Clark Gesner. side 1...You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown, Schroeder (Moonlight Sonata), Snoopy, My Blanket & Me, Kite, Dr. Lucy, Book Report side 2...The Red Baron, T-E-A-M (Baseball Game), Queen Lucy, Peanuts Potpourrie, Little Known Facts, Suppertime, Happiness.

Label:           Serial Number:           Year of Release: 1967

Condition Cover:                    Condition Vinyl: 

Price including shipping in North America $USD 20

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