Painting FAQ

Interested in buying a painting? Here are some things you should know.

These are original one-of-a-kind hand-painted pieces of art, they are not prints or reproductions.

All the prices shown include shipping in North America.  Default shipping is surface only - which is slow and inexpensive... Faster shipping is available, as is insured packages and courier deliveries , but at a higher price.  If you are from overseas, shipping is substantially more.  Please inquire before making a payment.

Certificate of Authenticity

These are available by request when you buy a painting.  I will also include copies of any sketches used to create the final piece - if available.  If the painting you buy is not signed - I will sign it before shipping.


When you buy a painting you do not own the copyright.  That remains with me.  You own the original piece of artwork and the right to resell your painting at any time.  You do not own any reproduction rights.  If you want these rights they are available under a separate release deal, contact me if you are interested.  Also, if you want just the commercial rights to use a painting, you do not have to own the original artwork.  Some of the work in the gallery has already been used for advertisements, album and magazine covers, T-Shirts, web pages, and has appeared in television shows and movies as set dressing.

Work in Progress

Some of the paintings on my page are works in progress.  If you are interested in a piece, contact me and if there's been some additional work done since I posted them here, I'll email you updated pictures. 

Custom Work

I do commission paintings and drawings.   If you want something original, contact me and send me some reference pictures.  I also do variants on the work in the gallery.  Payment is 100% in advance for custom artwork.


Paypal is preferred.  Send me an email with the title of the painting you are interested in.  I will send you my account information and your new painting will be shipped as soon as payment is confirmed.

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