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Joni Mitchell - Mingus

Joni salutes Mingus. Even contains some live banter from a house party. In Memory of Charles Mingus 1922-1979. Mingus passed on before he was able to listen to this tribute to his contributions to bop and free jazz. 1 Happy Birthday 1975 [Rap] Mitchell :57 2 God Must Be a Boogie Man Mitchell 4:33 3 Funeral [Rap] Mitchell 1:07 4 A Chair in the Sky Mingus 6:40 5 The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey Mitchell 6:33 6 I's a Muggin' [Rap] Mitchell :07 7 Sweet Sucker Dance Mitchell 8:06 8 Coin in the Pocket (Rap) Mitchell :11 9 The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines Mingus, Mitchell 3:22 10 Lucky (Rap) Mitchell :03 11 Goodbye Pork Pie Hat Mingus 5:41

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