Melvin Martian

Melvin Martian

medium 16.00 X 20.00

acrylics applied to stretched canvas on wooden frame

This is based on a drawing I did 20 years ago of a drag punk called Melvin. I like his attitude. But he needed a flying saucer.... Anyhow, there's a song from the early sixties from California called "Von Hutch ,The Mad Martian Pinstriper "about a martian who descends to earth and madly pinstripes everything in this poor guys life, including his dog. In fact, by the end of the 45 the guy is pleading with you to mail him solutions to his problem and reels off his real address on the single. And you can't escape the Von Dutch tie-in. It's brilliant! This was one of my first - (memory lapse) had to check for reference of a pinstripe brush online - even though I used to sell them over 20 years ago...

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