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ComiCon This Weekend


I'm so excited to be a guest at ComiCon this weekend!

Check out the Horror Writers Association Author Panel Saturday at Noon in Room 716A.

Hope to see you there.


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Dark Stars - Now Available!


I'm excited to announce that my futuristic romance collection Dark Stars is now available in both eBook and print editions from Smashwords and


Dark Stars includes stories, Changeling, StarrStruck and Time Slide.


Jasie’s husband Michael returns from a business trip a changed man. She’s convinced he’s having a mid-life crisis or an affair. But what has happened to him is totally out of this world.


After being left at the altar, Adriana begins seeing visions of her fiancé all over the space station. Will she risk her heart trying to solve the mystery of his disappearance?

Time Slide

In her job as a bodyguard to a handsome space pirate, Moraina Keller thinks she’s seen it all. Until they stumble upon a device that has the power to destroy the universe itself.

Excerpt from Changeling:

For a moment, she just stood there.  She forced her muddled brain to think.  This time, she couldn’t just let Michael walk away.  It didn’t matter if exhaustion pulled on every muscle.  She had to get to the bottom of his strange behavior.  Jasie ran a hand through her disheveled hair and raced up the stairs.

A glance out the front door showed Mike walking down the street with the same tight gait he’d left the room with.  That made her even more uneasy.  Mike leaving the car at home was unusual enough.  He rarely walked anywhere.  But when he did walk, it was with an easy confidence.

Jasie watched him for a minute, unsure of what to do.  Something was very wrong with Michael.  She had to find out what it was.

Her purse still lay on the couch where it had been left the night before.  She snatched it up.  Fumbling for her keys, she locked the door and followed Michael.

He rounded the corner and disappeared.  Her heart sank.  He’d lied to her.  Mike wasn’t heading toward the supermarket.  In fact, he was heading in the opposite direction.  Jasie quickened her pace and forced her sluggish body to keep moving.

Michael kept walking with that strange shoulders-back, eyes-ahead posture.  It surprised her when he passed the park.  She began to worry when the line of houses ended and the woods began.  But he kept walking down the low slope into the shadows.

For a moment, Jasie stared after him.  His stiff posture looked all wrong.  Just watching him added to her anxiety as he disappeared further into the woods.  Desperate to know where he was going, she quietly tailed him down the hill.  She flattened herself against a broad trunk and peered around the tree.  Mike walked purposely through the brush, pushing branches aside as he moved.  He seemed to head for a clump of trees that grew so close together their roots overlapped.  He quickened his pace, moving swiftly, as if the trees weren’t there.

She stared after him, waiting for the fence of trees to stop his forward progress.  But instead of moving around the dark trunks, Mike merely walked up to the clump of trees.

And disappeared.

Jasie choked back a horrified scream.  She waited for a minute, certain Mike had simply skirted the trees and her eyes had played tricks on her.  But her husband never reappeared.  After a moment, she left her hiding place and crept forward.

She skirted the clump of trees, searching for Michael.  But all she found were more trees, more foliage.  She knocked against the trunk of one of the trunks.  Cool, solid bark touched her hand.  There was no place for a grown man to have vanished, yet Michael was gone.



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Paperback Version of Avenging Angel Now Available


It's release day!

The paperback version of my paranormal/fantasy novel Avening Angel is now available from Ellora's Cave.

Here is  a short excerpt.

Hope you enjoy it!



“I never should have gone to The Purgatory Bar. That’s what started it all.”

Having worked her way through the Heavenly ranks, Porsche’s recently been promoted to Guardian Angel—and if she’d known what trouble lay ahead, she would have stayed in Dream Central.

She’s lost a soul. Well…not lost, per se. Technically it was snatched by a demon, but on Porsche’s watch. With mankind’s faith at an all-time low and Lucifer making a move to buy controlling interest in Heaven Inc., this couldn’t have happened at a worse time. Porsche’s determined to battle every succubi, satyr and she-devil in Hades—and possibly a traitor in Heaven—if that’s what it takes to get Alex Chalmers’ soul back.

And if the handsome human wishes to thank her…there has to be some perk to the job.

Excerpt from Avenging Angel:

When I reported for duty to watch over my roster of sleeping souls, I was even more strung out than I’d been the night before. As supervisor, I commanded the master control suite, a darkened room with rows of monitors occupying the walls. I sat down at the console and looked over the previous shift’s reports. Mercifully, tonight was quiet. Perhaps The Big Guy’d had a change of heart.

I followed protocol and checked the master log against the screens that showed our peacefully sleeping clients. All souls present and accounted for, and no demons afoot.

Having only been on the job a few weeks, I hadn’t had time to acquaint myself with all my charges. One caught my eye almost immediately. “Alex Chalmers”, the log read. I indulged myself with a peek. After all, I had to stay awake somehow.

Sprawled across a king-sized bed, covers in disarray, Chalmers made quite the picture. I reached for the joystick and zoomed in for a closer look.

Dark curls tousled from sleep contrasted against white sheets. Black eyelashes rested against tanned cheeks. He must have been dreaming something pleasant, because his full lips quirked in a half-smile. There was nothing innocent about that mouth. I thought of the things a man could do with a mouth like that and blushed. Guardian Angels aren’t supposed to have lusty thoughts about our charges. If the boss caught me peeking, there’d literally be hell to pay.

Chalmers moved in his sleep, exposing a muscular chest that nearly stopped my breath.

“Research,” I said. My story, and I’d stick to it. I was newly assigned. It only made sense that I’d need to familiarize myself with my subjects. Just then, Chalmers muttered to himself and turned over, burying his head in the pillows.

“Damnation,” I whispered. And sincerely hoped that wasn’t divine intervention.

Exhaustion caught up with me. I glanced again at the wall of monitors and yawned. Angels might be stronger and faster than humans but we still need to rest. I hadn’t had much sleep lately. I was on my third coffee and I still couldn’t will my eyelids to remain open. Finally, I rested my feet against the console and closed my eyes.

Just for a minute, I promised myself.

The persistent shrill ringing of the alarm jarred me from Dreamland.

I sat up, knocking over the coffee at my elbow. Brown liquid poured across the console into the delicate equipment.

The intercom beeped. I gave up hoping for mercy.

“Master Control.” I tried to sound official, and awake.

“Damnation, Winter, you asleep in there?”

I winced. Uriel was my supervisor, right up there next to Gabriel himself. “I’d love to talk, Boss, but I’ve got an alarm going off here—”

“I know about the alarm, you fool. You’ve got a lost soul in sector fifteen.”

“Sector fifteen.” I punched in the coordinates. “I’m on it.”

“You should have been on it five minutes ago. You’re supposed to be watching these things.”

Swiveling my chair away from the pool of coffee dripping down the side of the console, I cast around for something to mop up the spreading puddle before it damaged anything else. My fingers grasped the thick, fan-folded log. Figuring one more transgression couldn’t possibly make things worse, I dumped it in the middle of the mess.

Somewhere in sector fifteen, a disembodied soul was adrift.

“Get in there and fix it!” the boss screamed into the intercom.

“Right, Boss.”

“And, Winter—”

“Yes, Boss?”

“I’m sending Jarrett with you.”

Coffee and hangover made a sickening cocktail in my stomach. Not Jarrett. Anyone but Jarrett. It didn’t help that I knew Uriel was testing both me and Jarrett, trying to determine if Jarrett really could do my job better.

The boss’s tone certainly didn’t encourage discussion. I felt the prickling of a locator beam on send.

“Hell,” I said, as the floor dropped out beneath me, and hoped the boss hadn’t heard.

* * * * *

We found our charge on the floor of his bedroom, still clutching the sweat-soaked sheets he’d dragged with him in his fall. Though his lungs labored to draw breath to scream, he managed only a whimper.

I took a closer look and groaned.

Alex Chalmers.

Also available, Earth Angel, the second book in the Halo Effect Series:





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Release Day for Earth Angel!



I'm happy to announce that my  novel Earth Angel has just been released from Ellora's Cave Blush.

You can read the blurb and an excerpt below.

Hope you enjoy it!


Halo Effect, book two:

When Porsche Winter sees a she-devil in a downtown bar, she knows it can only mean trouble of the worst kind. For this is not just any ordinary demon—it’s Naamah, Lucifer’s right-hand gal and head seductress.
At first Porsche assumes Naamah’s visit is a coincidence. But when the Four Horsemen show up, Porsche realizes that the Apocalypse is imminent. But there’s a teeny little problem—Porsche has been stripped of her angel powers after an earlier transgression, meaning defeating Satan’s forces isn’t as easy as it used to be. Meanwhile, Lucifer’s anxious to get a foothold on Heaven and the Heavenly residents are buying up shares of Hell in hopes of renovating the place.

Soon Porsche and her boyfriend Alex Chalmers—with the help of bumbling matchmaker Cupid—are faced with a choice. Fight the forces of Evil, or get ready to relocate to a far hotter locale.


Excerpt from Earth Angel:

I had seen Naamah in the patio bar, hadn’t I? I couldn’t chalk it up to a well-used imagination, could I? No, I assured myself, I’d seen her, plain as day. And discovering a she-devil on Earth under any circumstances was legitimate cause for concern. I glanced at the phone on the bedside table and decided to call in my only Earthly ally.

I dialed. Alex’s voice mail picked up.

“Alex, it’s me. Come home as soon as you can.” My voice sounded lost, desperate even. And that infuriated me.

In Heaven, I’d been one of the chosen, a warrior. Adjusting to life as a mortal was tougher than I imagined. Meanwhile, Alex worked as a Bay Street stockbroker and his life went on pretty much as before. Except for the addition of a fallen angel to his bed.

That sense of impending doom wouldn’t go away. Forced humanity or not, I’d learned to listen to that nagging little voice. It usually meant trouble.

But I tried to reason myself out of it nevertheless. Just because I’d seen a she-devil didn’t mean she was after Alex.

She confessed she had the hots for him, that voice inside reminded me.

True, I conceded. But there’s plenty of other Hell on Earth Lucifer’s finest could be up to. And I no longer had the authority or the ability to stop her.

Looking around, I wondered what to do next. My eyes were drawn to the drawer where Cupid’s locator was hidden. No. I had to have more to go on than chasing a she-devil across Toronto. I sighed and wandered back down the hall toward the kitchen, resigned to doing the dishes. The front door suddenly flew open with a crash.

“What the hell?” Alex demanded. He brandished his cell phone like a weapon. “What’s with that message, Porsche? You scared me half to death!”

He paused, looking at me standing there.

“There is something wrong,” he asked, eyes narrowing, “isn’t there?”

“I’ll tell you about it inside.” I pulled him out of the doorway into the apartment. He looked positively scrumptious in his dark suit, though I noted he’d loosened the tie in the heat. Respectable business attire, it hung perfectly on his muscular frame, while still managing to cling to every muscle. I caught the scent of his cologne as I squeezed past him.

“Porsche—” Alex followed me down the hallway, his hallway. The entire apartment was his. I was merely a houseguest with a long-term pass. Glancing into the bedroom, he couldn’t help notice the unmade bed. Neatness wasn’t among my virtues, while he was tidy by nature. Our living habits were hardly compatible. And if Alex tossed me out, I’d have to find a job.

There aren’t too many opportunities for errant angels on Earth.

I’d stopped in the hallway. Alex grasped my shoulders and turned me around. By the look on his face, I could tell he was imagining the worst. And what Alex could imagine was pretty bad. He’d been to Hell and back. “What is it? What’s wrong?”

I looked up into his deep-brown eyes and wholeheartedly wished I hadn’t gone downstairs this afternoon. “I saw Naamah today.” I let that thought sink in before adding, “In the patio bar.”

“The Naamah?” Alex asked.

“The one and only. Trust me, there isn’t room in Hell for more than one Naamah.”

“Are you sure it was Naamah?”

I nodded.

“One hundred percent sure?”

“Pretty sure.” Vestiges of doubt took root in my mind. Okay he had me there. “I mean, the sun was in my face. That was the idea. I was trying to get a tan.”

He took me by the hand and led me toward the sunken living room. The warmth of his skin surrounded mine, slightly damp from sweat. He had to be baking under that suit. And I’d probably given him quite a scare. A veteran of the corporate battlefield, Alex was accustomed to being scared under his expensive suit and used to not letting it show. He sat me on the couch and eyed me warily. “Okay, tell me the whole story.”

As I recounted the day’s events in a way that wouldn’t make me sound like a raving lunatic, Alex looked at me steadily.

“I thought she was after you,” I finished weakly.

“Me? Why me?”

“Oh come on, the obvious reasons. She’s had the hots for you since she saw the glimmer of your soul in Hades.”

“Well, the feeling’s definitely not mutual.”

“Are you sure? Entirely sure? You two spent some time together. And I don’t remember you objecting at the time.”

Alex’s eyes darkened in anger. He ran his hands through his hair, ruffling dark curls, making me wish we weren’t sitting here having this conversation. Making me wish we were doing something else entirely. “I wasn’t myself, Porsche.”

“No,” I admitted. “You sure weren’t. And we don’t have to get into whose fault it was, either.” I scrutinized him head to toe. “Are you sure nothing weird happened today?”

“It was a horrible day on the trading floor. It wouldn’t surprise me if Hell is to blame for that.”

“I doubt it. Lucifer’s shares have been frozen and he’s been forbidden to acquire more, even on Earth, until his court case is resolved.”

“And Lucifer is a man of his word?”

In truth the Devil could be counted on only to screw you over, I thought but didn’t say it. “No, but The Big Guy is. And right now I’m sure he’s paying careful attention to Lucifer.”

“Which means that whatever Lucifer wants, he’s going to have to find a more creative way of doing it.”

“Right.” Pieces of the puzzle fell into place. “Which explains why he might send Naamah instead.”

“But to do what?”


Avenging Angel, the prequel to Earth Angel is also available from Ellora's Cave.


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Newly Released - Nefarious North



I'm excited to announce that my story Witness Protection is now available in the newly released anthology Nefarious North.

Witness Protection is my first crime story and I'm happy to be part of this wonderful collection!

Delve into spine chilling, bone numbing crime stories that will set your teeth chattering as your run to lock your doors, turn on your lights and hide under your bedcovers. Sixteen incredible authors bring twenty-seven tales of murder, mayhem, theft, cops and robbers to life, with twisted ends that will leave you reeling and begging for more.


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