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Cover Reveal for A Scandal in Paradise


I'm excited to reveal the cover for my new contemporary romance, A Scandal in Paradise, coming soon from Liquid Silver Books.


Bachelor billionaire Colton Houston is enjoying a much-needed vacation away from constant media attention.

Travel journalist Seren Miller has come to the island to write a piece on destination weddings. When the bride and groom don't show up for the photo shoot, her photographer chooses Colton and Seren to stand in for the absent couple.

Their lives take an unexpected turn when they are pronounced legitimately married. With tabloid reporters hot on their trail and a sudden storm knocking out power, they have no way to correct the mistake. Trapped together in the bridal suite during the inclement weather, they try to ignore the attraction brewing between them.


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Now Available - Dark Hungers


Three Tales of Dark Hungers...

A Darker Passion

When Aimee is rescued from a vicious attack, she feels lucky to have escaped unharmed. Until she discovers her savior has some very dark secrets.

Giving Up the Ghost

Even a ghost needs a break once in awhile. When Rhys strays from his usual haunt, he's just trying to catch a glimpse of a beautiful brunette. Unfortunately, his lapse in concentration allows a dangerous entity to escape.

Shadow Dancing

When Ralph's shadow first goes missing, he barely notices. Until he realizes his shadow is living a much better life than he is...including romancing the girl next door. 

Now available from Amazon and Smashwords.


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The DeadWalk - Now Available




I'm happy to announce that new print and eBook editions of my fantasy novel The DeadWalk are now available from Amazon and Smashwords.

In a world where the newly-dead are forced into slavery by an ancient artifact...

A woman must face her destiny and gain control of the one weapon capable of destroying the undead--a crystal sword that can only be wielded by one of the Shraal.

A race that destroyed itself with the very sword she seeks.


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Rogue-Now Available in Print

I'm happy to announce that my science fiction novella Rogue is now availabe in print from and CreateSpace.
Mysterious ships swarm a rogue planet which has suddenly appeared at the edge of allied space. The last thing battle-weary warrior Andromeda Spar wants is another skirmish. But since her mother is the fleet admiral how can she refuse?
As Andromeda prepares for her final battle, she discovers something extraordinary. The drones she's come to annihilate are not what they seem.


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Release Day for Dark Angel!

I'm excited to announce that it's release day for Dark Angel, the long-awaited and much asked for third book in my Halo Effect Series.
Having narrowly averted the Apocalypse, Porsche has a new position as a Guardian Angel on Earth. She's looking forward to Valentine's Day when her boyfriend Alex decides he wants to break up.
While at the Purgatory Bar, pondering the many changes in her life, Porsche meets a new man. Devlin seems perfect in every way. Could he be the perfect rebound fling--or is he maybe just a little too perfect?
In trying to uncover Devlin's true identity, Porsche is thrust back into the conflict between Heaven and Hell. But this time she intends to win--in war and love.
Now Available from Ellora's Cave.

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