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A Darker Passion and Witch Island Now On Sale!

A Darker Passion and Witch Island are currently on sale for 99 cents at Ellora's Cave.


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5-Star Review for A Darker Passion!


Night Owl Romance Reviews has given A Darker Passion a 5-Star Review!

Night Owl Romance says, "A Darker Passion is a beautifully spun story that will leave the reader wanting more."

You can read the full review at Night Owl Romance Reviews.



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Starcrossed Is A MuseItUp Bestseller!


My futuristic romance Starcrossed is currently #2 on this month's bestseller list at MuseItUp Publishing!


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Review for Mummy's The Word




I'd like to share a great review for Mummy's The Word from

Tony-Paul says, "This is a delightful "mummy" novel where the guy in the linen bandages isn't the villain and its' a refreshing change."

You can read the full review at in the Livre Review Deux section.


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Excerpt From Mummy's The Word

Here is an excerpt from my paranormal romance Mummy's The Word, now available in eBook and paperback from Double Dragon Publishing.



Skye Madison has been entrusted with settling her uncle’s estate, a creepy Victorian mansion filled with macabre relics. With only a few days off from her busy job, the task seems insurmountable. Especially when the house is rumored to be haunted. Even the normally level-headed Skye feels a strange presence in the place.

When her uncle’s lawyer introduces her to two collectors who might be interested in the property, it seems too good to be true. But the antiquities collectors seem a little too eager to acquire her uncle’s house.

Skye soon discovers what’s behind their interest in the property. The house contains a secret room, and not just any secret room, but one hiding an ancient burial tomb.

And a mummy who’s not as dead as he first seems.

Excerpt from Mummy’s The Word:

She stood on the banks of a wide river. The sun beat down on her with merciless ferocity. The humid air rippled with its light. The heat made her drowsy. Marshland stretched out on one side of the water. On the other long docks ran from the river back to the houses that lined the banks. It had a tranquil beauty to it. The Nile. But not as it was now, but as it had been...then. She wasn't sure how she knew this, but she knew it with certainty.

Glancing down she found herself covered only in a linen tunic. A golden torc ringed her neck. It warmed under her body heat and the constant beams of sunlight.

It's a dream. But no dream had ever felt so real. No dream had ever come with the feel of her sweat-dampened hair sticking to the back of her neck, or the searing heat of the sun on her face.

Skye turned away from the river and headed toward the house behind her. The tile felt cool beneath her bare feet as she crossed the threshold into the foyer and the sitting room beyond. He was here. She felt his presence as certain as she'd felt the sun.

She gazed at the doorway that led to the hall and sure enough, there he was. Not as she'd seen him last—the corpse lying on the dais in the tomb. Not as the disembodied ghost, but as a flesh and blood man. A man undeniably in his prime.

His kilt did nothing to conceal his muscular legs. His skin was bronzed from the sun, his head shaven. He'd shaved his chest as well, which highlighted his pectorals.

“Nef,” she breathed.

“Skye.” Not the raw voice his ghost had greeted her with in the chamber. Now it sounded deep, melodic even. A voice used to command or seduce. Or both.

“Where are we?”

“My summer home. I wanted you to see it as it was. As I remember it.”

“This is a dream, isn't it?”

He stepped up to her and cupped her chin in his hand. “Dreams are merely another form of reality.”

That shouldn’t make any sense to her, she thought, but in the dream it did. “Even realities from thousands of years ago?”

“I wish I could explain it to you.” He gazed deeply into her eyes with his black stare. “But that would be a sad waste of the time that we have.”

She didn't want to waste time. She wanted...things she hadn't even allowed herself to contemplate.

He stepped back from her and held out his hand. “Come.”

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