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Wishful Thinking - New Editions Now Available


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Wishful Thinking - New Editions Now Available

Wishful Thinking - New Editions Now Available

To celebrate Halloween new print and eBook editions of my novella Wishful Thinking are now available.


On Halloween night heartbroken Rory casts a spell to resurrect her lost love.

Instead of bringing back her lost fiancé, she summons Gareth, a ne’er-do-well and scoundrel cursed to wander the void forever to atone for his sins.

Rory does everything in her power to send him back, but nothing works. She’s stuck with a sexy, rogue ghost.


Excerpt From Wishful Thinking:

The spell just had to work, Rory thought. But it sure didn't look like it was going to. Trying to hold back tears, she watched the photo of Sam burn down to ashes and the last sparks float away on the air. The lock of his hair that she’d burnt left an acrid smell. The clock ticked once, twice. Midnight had passed. The spell hadn't worked. All she'd made was a mess.

A fat tear rolled down her face in spite of her valiant attempts to hold it back. She looked at the pentagram she now had to scrub off the living room floor and the ash scattered around the pyre and sighed. Gaining her feet, she picked up the spell book and started off toward the kitchen to get a dustpan and a sponge.

Around her the air shifted. Not a breeze exactly, more that the air seemed charged like it did before a thunderstorm. The tiny hairs on her arms suddenly stood to attention. She felt a cold draft waft through the loft. Whirling, she turned back toward the pyre.

Only to find a tall blond man standing in the center of the pentagram.

A surprised squeak escaped her lips. She followed it up with a full-fledged scream.

The blond man recoiled from her scream as if she'd struck him. "Now sweetheart," he drawled. "There's no need for all of that."

"Where did you come from?" she demanded, brandishing the spell book like a weapon.

He nodded at the book in her hands. "I believe you summoned me."

"You're not Sam."

"No," he said with a quirk of his lips. "I'm certainly not Sam."

His meaning sunk in slowly. Her spell had gone horribly awry. Instead of Sam, she'd summoned...him.

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