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Starcrossed - Now Available!


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Starcrossed - Now Available!


I'm happy to announce that my futuristic romance Starcrossed has just been released from MuseItUp Publishing.

Here is the blurb and an excerpt:



Cassie’s first assignment as a protocol officer seems easy enough until an error in translation and unwittingly gains her a fiancé. Unravelling the situation causes her to lose her job and places her at the center of a possible intergalactic incident. Her growing attraction to the young and handsome ambassador at the center of the controversy causes even greater complications, leaving Cassie torn between her head and her heart.


Excerpt from Starcrossed by Stephanie Bedwell-Grime

Cassiopeia stared up into the shocking blue eyes of the tall stranger and frantically searched her memory for the words to make everything all right. How had such a simple task gone so wrong?


Her first assignment as protocol officer had been to meet the Cetian ambassador and make arrangements for a visit by fifty delegates from his planet’s government. She’d navigated her way through the subtle nuances of the Cetian greeting. Buoyed by her success, she launched into the formality called the baring of faces. The ritual was designed to put the bargaining on fair terms, but as the diplomat’s scarf disappeared, she discovered he was not the dusty old bureaucrat she’d been expecting, but the most handsome man she’d ever seen. Lightly bronzed skin augmented high cheekbones. Waves of golden hair cascaded over his shoulders. Eyes of sapphire shone like jewels from that perfect face. A quick glimpse of his shrouded form told her that his body was as awe-inspiring as his face. It didn’t help that the young ambassador seemed to be giving her the same interested scrutiny.


Dazzled by his blinding smile, she promptly forgot her carefully memorized, leaving her to stumble through the conversation with little more finesse than a first year linguistics student. “Wait, please, I’ve never done this before.”


Somehow she’d mistaken the verb to accommodate for one with other connotations entirely. No wonder the ambassador was beaming at her, his eyes roving over her veiled body with great interest. Caught in the heat of his stare, she felt as though he was undressing her with a simple glance. Flustered, she compounded the error by mistaking the word for wait with a similar sounding word for mate. To which the Cetian responded with assurances of his gentleness and kind nature, as well as the affectionate behavior of the fifty male delegates who would be joining him on Epsilon Station.

“Wait!” Cassie repeated desperately. He moved to adjust his cloak, signaling the meeting was at an end. “Ambassador Zolan, there are many more specifics to be discussed.” Somehow, she had to find a way to straighten out what could rapidly become an intergalactic incident.



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