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Time Slide - Now Available


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Time Slide - Now Available




A new edition of my space opera Time Slide is now available from Smashwords and Amazon.com.

I've always been fascinated by the idea of alternate realities and alternate universes. The idea for Time Slide began as a short story entitled Time Slide.  I later expanded it to include a sequel, Beyond Oblivion.

But I still felt like a lot of Harry and Moraina's back story was missing, so I wrote the prequel chapters to explain how Moraina came to be Harry's bodyguard and why they both have such tortured pasts.

Here is a blurb and a short excerpt from Time Slide.  Hope you enjoy it!



As a warrior in an ancient conflict between planets, Moraina Keller is resigned to dying in battle, until she's captured by handsome space pirate, Harry Kong.

Life as Harry's bodyguard seems to suit her, until she discovers that not only is someone trying to kill her, he looks a lot like Harry.

While trying to solve the mystery of her elusive attacker they stumble upon an even bigger secret, a technology that has the power to destroy the universe itself.


Excerpt from Time Slide:

We made our way through the smoke-filled cantina, through half-whispers about Harry Kong, the bored aristocrat, and his Tahluzzian assassin. At another time those whispers would have warranted a brandished blaster, but I held my temper and we stole from the bar into the musty night beyond.

I stepped first, blaster drawn, into the cobblestone roadway which broke off into a labyrinth of passages, all spiraling downward to the spaceport at the bottom of the hill.

A thousand shadows lined the curves of the spiral roadway. A thousand hands, holding a thousand blasters waited to relieve Harry Kong of his mysterious new treasure. And I was Harry's bodyguard.

“Fool,” I said through clenched teeth. “Harry, you make my job difficult.”

“You're well paid.”

“Not well enough.” It was half past midnight on a planet with a 48-hour day, and thanks to Harry I probably wouldn't be getting much sleep. I stifled a yawn, took a tighter hold on my blaster, and pushed forward, Harry bringing up the rear. The third moon was rising in the west, casting inky shadows in triplicate on the cobblestone. Shelter could have been a galaxy away.

The road twisted abruptly and our vision was blocked by a stone wall. We lingered in the shadows. I peered out into the roadway. The spaceport lay just beyond us, a narrow dash, easily accomplished.

Except that the passageway was blocked by every hired gun in the city.

I turned to Harry and the black box he held in his hand. Our attackers closed the space between us, moonlight reflecting off their blasters. Harry grasped my shoulder and his finger moved along the inky gleam of the instrument. Then the bottom of the world fell out.



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