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The Mummy's Embrace - Now Available


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The Mummy's Embrace - Now Available

The Mummy's Embrace - Now Available

I'm excited to announce that The Mummy's Embrace is now available in print and eBook from Amazon.com as well as other retailers.

Skye Madison has been entrusted with settling her uncle’s estate, a creepy Victorian mansion filled with macabre relics.

When two collectors become interested in the property, it seems too good to be true.

Skye soon discovers what’s behind their sudden interest. The house contains a secret room, and not just any secret room, but one hiding an ancient burial tomb.

And a mummy who’s not as dead as he first seems.


Excerpt from The Mummy's Embrace:

Skye jerked awake sometime later, unsure what had startled her out a deep sleep. She couldn't tell how much time had passed, but it felt like hours. Her body felt stiff and sore from sleeping in one position. Every nerve leapt to attention. Her heart thundered like someone had crept up behind her and yelled Boo!

Gingerly, she sat up. Impenetrable blackness assaulted her senses. The atmosphere felt thick enough to touch. It took a moment to remember that she was in Uncle Max's house, had been asleep on his couch.

Though she couldn’t see anything in the pitch blackness, she had the distinct impression that someone or something was watching her. The very air seemed to vibrate with its breath, as if it the night contracted and expanded with each inhale and exhale.

Darkness thick as velvet obscured her vision. She groped for the lamp at the end of the sofa. Her fingers found the switch. In the silence she heard a loud click and then nothing.

Warm breath stirred the little hairs on her neck.

Skye jumped to her feet. The wrap tangled around her legs, tripping her. She fell to her hands and knees on the old carpet. For a moment she had the sense of something bending over her, something stifling in the weight of its age. Her scream died into silence.

She shoved the wrap off her legs. Ignoring her stinging palms, she crawled across the carpet until she came to the far wall. Using her hand for guidance, she felt along the edge of the bookcase until the wall ended with the doorway. Her fingers found the light switch.

Bright light seared her eyes. She blinked back tears and looked around. The wrap lay on the floor where she'd kicked it. One of the pillows had tumbled down on top of it. But there was no one else in the room with her.

Skye drew in a shaky breath. The room seemed exactly as it had been when she’d gone to sleep.

“Stress,” she muttered like that explained it all. Job stress, the strain of having to dispose of all Uncle Max’s treasured things, the unnerving night spent in an old, long-vacant house.

She reached for her wrap, intent on finding another less spooky room to sleep in. But as she lifted the material a dark beetle crawled out from under it.

“Ew!” She backed up, her shoulders hitting the wall. No, not a beetle, she realized. A scarab. Probably something Uncle Max had germinated in his lab downstairs. Barefoot, she didn’t want to step on it, didn’t want to touch it any way. But she also didn’t want to leave it to crawl about the house where it might be tempted to jump on her in her sleep again.

Grabbing one of the many books off Uncle Max’s shelf, she tossed it in the beetle’s direction. Grabbing her wrap, she shook it vigorously to dislodge any other unwanted visitors and fled the room.


*The Mummy's Embrace was previously published by Double Dragon Publishing under the title Mummy's The Word.

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