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PunkinHead now available at Amazon.com


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PunkinHead now available at Amazon.com


I'm happy to announce that my horror story PunkinHead is now available for Kindle at Amazon.com.

Here is another short excerpt.

Hope you enjoy it!



The old legend warns that you should never keep a pumpkin past Christmas. He should have paid attention. As our skeptical gardener is about to find out, a vampire pumpkin is a very bad thing to have around the house.


Excerpt 2 from PunkinHead:

Sunlight blazed a defiant ray into the alley. I followed its arc. Realization hit me suddenly. All those bodies and not a drop of blood anywhere.

The pumpkin squatted on the porch. Ripe and plump.

I snatched another bag from the shed. The cursed thing was going in this morning’s trash. This time, I wouldn’t forget.

Its eyes narrowed as I approached. I swore they did. Even though they were no more than the same orange slices of pumpkin I’d carved myself last Halloween. It bared its teeth, and I cursed myself for not giving it a stupid, toothless grin.

I pounced, covering it with the bag. I cinched the top closed and hauled, but it refused to budge from the porch. Scooping my hands beneath it, I attempted to yank it off the railing.

Razor-sharp teeth tore into my hand...



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