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Now Available - PunkinHead


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Now Available - PunkinHead


Just in time for Halloween, my horror story PunkinHead is now available!



The old legend warns that you should never keep a pumpkin past Christmas. He should have paid attention. As our skeptical gardener is about to find out, a vampire pumpkin is a very bad thing to have around the house.


Excerpt from PunkinHead:


Baba told me to get rid of the pumpkin. I should have listened to her.

A week past Halloween it began to sweat a sickening amber juice. Really, I meant to throw it out. But the eyes I had spent so long carving stared back at me as if intelligence lurked behind that gaze.

They watched me as I raked the leaves in November. Every time I intended to throw the pumpkin on the compost pile, I found myself forgetting. An hour later, busy with some other task, I’d remember and decide to give the rotting thing another day’s grace.

Those haunting eyes shadowed me with interest as I hung the Christmas lights from the eaves. Baba followed me out on the front porch in the cold.

“You know what happens when you keep a pumpkin past Christmas, boy,” she lectured between instructions on how better to hang the lights.

“Yes, Baba, I know,” I said, pounding in the last nail.

I vowed to dispose of the pumpkin after I put the ladder back in the shed. Instead, I found myself deciding to leave it one more day. After all, Christmas was weeks away.

Christmas came and went. Snow piled up on the front porch. In the rush of holiday parties, I forgot about the pumpkin.

And that’s when things went bad.


PunkinHead now available from Smashwords.

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