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Now Available: Hot, Hot, Hot!


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Now Available: Hot, Hot, Hot!



A new edition of my paranormal short, Hot, Hot, Hot! is now available from Amazon.com and Smashwords.

Hot, Hot, Hot! is the story of an untrained clairvoyant who must team up with a supernatural cop to solve a string of pyrokinetic murders. Crystal Addison was my first supernatural investigator and she was a lot of fun to work with.

Here is an excerpt from Hot, Hot, Hot! Hope you enjoy it!



Crystal Addison has a special talent: the ability to sense the paranormal. The police call her to the scene of an unusual crime. A man has been burned to death in his own apartment and the carpeting beneath him hasn’t even been singed.

Crystal suspects someone with pyrokinetic powers is involved. As she’s leaving the scene, she notices a strange glittering in the air. Following it leads her to handsome, supernatural cop, Razael. How can she resist a man who can literally set her passions aflame?

Before they can solve the murder, another occurs, this one more gruesome than the last. Pyrokinetic crimes are happening all over the city. Will their combined powers be enough to solve them?

Excerpt from Hot, Hot, Hot!:

And then I saw it.  A flash, a snap like static electricity.  The air between me and the building shimmered in the fading light like heat rising from the tarmac on a hot day.  Only the evening wasn’t particularly warm.  I felt every hair on my body snap to attention as the air rippled, then it was gone.

No, I realized staring down the driveway at the busy street beyond, it was moving.  I jumped into my car and gunned the engine.  The little car squealed as I rapidly changed gears and charged into traffic.  Up ahead, I saw that watery-looking air and followed.  Whatever it was, it moved quickly along the sidewalk.  Like something—no someone running.

The glitter above the sidewalk stopped suddenly.  Then it seemed to fold into itself and twist into nothing.  For a moment I thought I’d lost it, that I’d been a fool not to take the opportunity to get a head start on that good night’s sleep, and then I saw that tell-tale ripple in the atmosphere fading off down an alleyway.

Twisting the steering wheel, I maneuvered out from between two cars and made a sharp right turn.  The small car just fit between the walls of the buildings and the bags of garbage stacked against the walls.  Now I was going to have to pay for a car wash as well, I thought darkly.  The alleyway ended at what looked like a dead end.  I slammed my hand against the steering wheel in frustration.  But then I looked to the right and noticed a narrow wrought iron gate that led to a courtyard which backed onto two buildings set at right angles.

And heading for the back door of one of those buildings was that strangely glittering shape.

I leaped from the car.  The wrought iron fence wasn’t really made to keep anyone out and I jumped it easily.  “Wait!” I yelled, holding up my hands in the universal sign of surrender.  “I just want to talk.”

For an instant that glitter just hung in the air.  Then with another snap like lightning hitting, it changed.

It started at the ground.  Where there’d only been what looked like rippling air, suddenly there were a pair of sneakers, then a pair of faded denims hugging a pair of muscular legs.  The rest of those jeans filled out nicely, I couldn’t help noticing.  Heck, I’m only human.  Above the denims grew a black cotton t-shirt stretched over a fine-looking chest.  This guy, whoever, whatever he was, spent some time at the gym.  A nice pair of shoulders topped that chest.  I caught a glimpse of sandy blond hair, full lips and a straight nose.  But it was the eyes that stopped me cold.  Amber, like no human eyes should be, they reflected the light from the street like a cat’s.  He blinked and they faded to a more normal-looking light brown.  He stared at me like a trapped animal, cautious, but likely as curious about me as I was about him.

“Look, I’m not a cop or anything,” I said.  Oh, now that was smooth.

“What are you, then?” he asked.  He had a voice like honey.  I’d listen to him read his laundry list quite happily.

“Consultant,” I told him.

“No, I meant, what are you?”

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