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Now Available - Honeymoon For One


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Now Available - Honeymoon For One


I'm excited to announce that my contemporary romance Honeymoon For One is now available from Double Dragon Publishing.

Here is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy it!



Abby finally gets her dream wedding and honeymoon. The tropical resort is stunning, everything she hoped for. But her carefully laid plans go terribly wrong when she’s abandoned at the altar, leaving her stranded in paradise with sexy best man, Dorian. But when Dorian turns out to be not what she expected, she risks losing everything.



Abby stood in the center of the gazebo and gazed out at the water. The sun hovered on the horizon, dyeing the waves crimson. Her sunburn had faded overnight, and she'd been able to cover what remained with makeup. In her form-fitting silk gown, she looked like a bronzed goddess. She carried a spray of flowers fresh from the garden. The bright blossoms set off her white dress perfectly. In a minute, the sun would set, casting rays of purple across the sky. She twisted the platinum ring she'd bought for Greg and cast a backward glance down the path to the hotel. The minister cleared his throat.

Greg was late.

With a sigh she watched the sun sink below the horizon. Rays of maroon and indigo streamed across the sky. The pictures would still be stunning, she thought. If Greg would just hurry up. Maybe they could do the photos first and the ceremony afterward.

The minister lit the candles on the altar. Abby strained her eyes to see through the shadows that now marked the gardens.

Lights flickered to life on the pathway. And there, emerging from the hotel she caught a glimpse of a figure in a white tuxedo. The figure hurried toward them. Her heart sank.


In his right hand he carried a letter. In the dim light she watched the minister's grim smile tighten. Putting her bouquet down on the altar, she hurried down the steps.

The designer gown made it hard to run. She heard a loud rip, then running became easier. Dorian would pay, Abby thought, as her meticulously arranged up-do shredded in the wind. He'd pay to have her dress repaired and her hair redone. He'd pay for whatever he'd done to delay Greg.

“Where's Greg?” she demanded when she reached him.

His tuxedo hung in creases, as if he'd been wearing it all day. Wind ruffled his already messy, dark hair, and the orchid in his lapel had long wilted. He stared down at her, remorse creasing his expression. “I don't know.”

“What do you mean you don't know?”

Rather than his normal, cocky self, Dorian looked crestfallen. Dark circles ringed his eyes. “When I woke up, he was gone.”




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