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Newly Released - Giving Up The Ghost


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Newly Released - Giving Up The Ghost




Giving Up The Ghost is my new paranormal vignette, now available from Smashwords and Amazon.com.

I once heard a ghost tour guide say that some old buildings just had a spooky feel to them. It got me thinking…What if ghosts policed themselves? And what if one of those otherworldly guards stepped away from his post for a moment and let something nasty escape?

Giving Up The Ghost is the result. Hope you like it!


Even a ghost needs a break once in awhile. When Rhys Sentry steps away from his post, he’s just trying to catch a glimpse of beautiful brunette, Marla. Unfortunately, his lapse in concentration allows a dangerous entity to escape.

Rhys must return the spirit to its rightful place. But during his quest, he makes a startling discovery…Marla can see him!

Excerpt from Giving Up The Ghost:

Even a wraith needs a break once in awhile. Even a dead guy gets bored. When Rhys Sentry stepped away from the portal, he was just trying to catch a better glimpse of the dark-haired beauty disappearing around the corner. A momentary loss of concentration, it could happen to anybody, right? Everyone made that kind of mistake once in awhile, didn’t they? Didn’t make him a bad guy, er, ghost, did it? After all, he had been a man once, and for pity’s sake, he was only looking!

Rhys cast a glance behind him at the portal he'd been guarding for over two hundred years. Down in the basement of the old abandoned brewery, it had seen its share of disreputable characters, both living and dead. The area had been revitalized in the past few years and turned into a trendy nightspot. Like that was a good idea. But no one asked a lowly ghost about such things.

The evening had begun normally enough. He'd been dozing at his post, waiting for the tour group to pass. Just for fun, he goosed one of the members and snorted when the middle-aged lady squealed. Ghosts! If they wanted ghosts he was happy to oblige.

That was when he saw the brunette disappearing down the corridor, trailing the tour. She glanced over her shoulder and squinted in the dim light as if she could see him. She must be a sensitive. Rhys quickly veiled himself. Revealing his presence was forbidden, ghost tours or no. A little fun was tolerated. An outright revealing was a punishable offense. The last thing he wanted was to spend another two centuries guarding this pit.

Too late he realized his mistake. As he stepped away to gaze at the dark-haired beauty, he'd done something he'd never done in over two hundred years.

He left his post.

Quickly, he jumped back into position.  The tour group moved on. Rhys breathed a ghostly sigh of relief. No notice seemed to have taken notice of his gaffe. He glanced back at the portal with relief.

That's when he saw the dark vapor trailing after the tour group, an inky cloud that took on more form with every passing second. It moved through the patrons until it located the brunette.

* * * *

Marla shivered as they passed the shadowed hallway under the old brewery. Her friend Deb had talked her into this foolishness and she couldn't wait for it to be over. But Deb had wanted so badly to take the tour, Marla just couldn't dampen her enthusiasm. Her friend was visiting from Calgary and she'd promised her a night on the town. On the town, she added mentally. Not under the town!

According to the tour guide the tunnel led to the lake. Smuggling had been big business during prohibition. She glanced back at it again and couldn't contain the shudder that ran down her spine. Something far more malevolent than smuggling had happened in that long-unused passageway. She hurried after the group.

Yet as she passed she was certain she'd seen the ghostly outline of a blond man staring out at her with green, haunted eyes. She blinked and the image vanished. 

A cold breeze blew from the tunnel. The wind seemed to stick to her like tar. Silent screams echoed in her ears, echoes of long ago horrors. Mist clouded her eyes. It filled her nostrils and clogged her lungs. She choked and clutched at her chest. For a moment, she thought she'd perish there down in the darkness with a knot of people around her, unable to help. Something moved in the gloom, a man-sized blond blur. Then her vision cleared.

She drew a breath and screamed.

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