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Just Released - Shadow Dancing


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Just Released - Shadow Dancing


My paranormal short story Shadow Dancing is now available from Smashwords and Amazon.com.

Shadow Dancing is the story of Ralph, who has somehow lost his shadow. At first he doesn’t worry much about it. Until he realizes his shadow is living a much better life than he is…including romancing the girl next door.

Gabrielle is having unusual dreams…only to discover those dreams are much more than figments of her imagination.


Excerpt from Shadow Dancing:

Only a dream, what possible harm could it do? No one's going to know, Gabrielle’s sleepy mind promised.

She watched the familiar shadow flow over the windowsill and stretch across her bedroom. She'd worn her best negligee to bed. The shadow seemed to know what she needed. Stretching out across the queen-sized bed, Gabrielle let the darkness claim her.

* * *

The sun crested the fence in his neighbor's yard, spilling yellow light across the lawn. In a moment the dawn would reach his east-facing window. Ralph yawned in spite of the carafe of coffee it had taken to keep him up all night. He had no intention of falling asleep now. Not when victory lay within his grasp.

Sunlight leaked over the windowsill and across the carpet. Ralph pinched himself to stay conscious. Then, like a negative image of the pale light, crept a dark, man-sized shape.

First ten black fingers gripped the window ledge. Ralph watched as the image of his own steel-toed work boot cleared the window and found its footing on the carpet inside.

Ralph closed his eyes, feigning sleep and watched through the fringe of his lashes.

Another leg, followed by a torso and finally a head as the shadow straightened. Ralph recognized the folds of his own uniform in the shadow's outline against the brightly-lit carpet.

Its head turned, casting a furtive glance in his direction. How many times had he lain there unknowing as his shadow crept back to him like an errant lover? Well, not this time. Ralph forced his chest to rise and fall, mimicking the even breathing of sleep.

His shadow eclipsed the sun as it seeped across the carpet like an ink stain. Ralph waited.

And then he felt it. A momentary tingling. A sudden loss of the sun's warmth as his shadow leaned over him and merged with his body.

Ralph whirled, twisting the covers as he turned face down and gazed at the inky shadow against his white sheets.

"I know where you've been!" Ralph growled. He gripped the edges of the pillow, pale skin meeting shadow, his own outline contorted.

There was no answer, not that he could hear. Yet a mocking laughter rang in his mind.

Just what are you going to do about it, Ralphie?

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