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Feral Spirit Now Available at Amazon.com


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Feral Spirit Now Available at Amazon.com


I'm excited to announce that my vampire romance Feral Spirit is now available from Amazon.com

Feral Spirit is set in the same world as Feral Passion and Feral Hunger.

Here is a blurb and a new excerpt:



After a few centuries a vampire’s life can get a little predictable…

Vampire Jonah likes his peaceful routine. Until his quiet existence is shattered by Seraphina, a mutant hybrid who has escaped from a top secret facility.

When their paths cross, Jonah becomes her unwilling savior. Drawn together by fate, they find that opposites really do attract.

But before they can act on their feelings, they end up in the fight of their lives.

Excerpt 2 from Feral Spirit:

Jonah awoke to a persistent scratching sound. He bolted upright in bed, half expecting to find Seraphina standing over him, holding his own sword to his throat. But his houseguest slept soundly on his couch. He glanced at the ancient blade to find it still in its holder on the wall. Nothing moved in the quiet loft. He took a deep breath and closed his eyes again.

With his eyes closed his other senses heightened. Something scraped against the brick outside the window. Every muscle in his body tensed. He listened again. No, he decided, it sounded more like something scratching against the old wooden frames. As if something or someone had crawled up the brick and was now hanging by their nails outside his living room.

His eyes shot open. Dusk had fallen while they’d rested. He’d slept far later than he intended. So much for the surveillance he’d meant to keep. His gaze darted to the window. With his keen eyesight he could see the outline of a shadow silhouetted against the drapery. A bird? he wondered briefly, still hoping he worried for nothing. But the shadow was far too big to be a bird.

Jonah slid from the bed. His feet touched the cool wood floor and he lowered his body silently down to it. He pulled his jeans off a nearby chair and wiggled into them. Crouching low, he ran toward the couch, rearing up only once to grab the sword from its hook on the wall. He knelt beside the sofa.

The scratching was louder now, more persistent. Whatever was out there wanted in. He reached out and poked at the sleeping form on his couch. “Wake up, we have company.”

She didn’t move so much as a muscle, nevertheless, he felt her body tense beneath the blanket. Her dark eyes flashed on his face before zeroing in on the window.

“You know what that is, don’t you?” he whispered.

He expected her to deny it. Instead, she said, “Yes.”

“Great.” The word slipped out. He done a favor, something he rarely did. What was that saying about good deeds being punished? It seemed that punishment now lurked outside his window. The ancient wood wouldn’t take too much scraping and scratching before it crumbled. Once that happened, it wouldn’t be hard to slip a finger or a claw beneath the windowpane and gain entry. “I’m guessing we should be going.”

Her gaze darted back to his. “We should.”

“Okay then. Quietly now.”

She nodded and then bent to slip on her boots. Seeming to notice the blade in his hand for the first time, she said, “You might as well leave the sword. It won’t help us.”
Jonah hefted it once more, feeling its weight in his hand. It hadn’t let him down yet, but it was unwieldy and a guy carrying a sword in this day and age was bound to attract attention.

“Really,” she said when he hesitated. “It won’t.”

“What will?”


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