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Dark Stars - Now Available!


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Dark Stars - Now Available!


I'm excited to announce that my futuristic romance collection Dark Stars is now available in both eBook and print editions from Smashwords and Amazon.com.


Dark Stars includes stories, Changeling, StarrStruck and Time Slide.


Jasie’s husband Michael returns from a business trip a changed man. She’s convinced he’s having a mid-life crisis or an affair. But what has happened to him is totally out of this world.


After being left at the altar, Adriana begins seeing visions of her fiancé all over the space station. Will she risk her heart trying to solve the mystery of his disappearance?

Time Slide

In her job as a bodyguard to a handsome space pirate, Moraina Keller thinks she’s seen it all. Until they stumble upon a device that has the power to destroy the universe itself.

Excerpt from Changeling:

For a moment, she just stood there.  She forced her muddled brain to think.  This time, she couldn’t just let Michael walk away.  It didn’t matter if exhaustion pulled on every muscle.  She had to get to the bottom of his strange behavior.  Jasie ran a hand through her disheveled hair and raced up the stairs.

A glance out the front door showed Mike walking down the street with the same tight gait he’d left the room with.  That made her even more uneasy.  Mike leaving the car at home was unusual enough.  He rarely walked anywhere.  But when he did walk, it was with an easy confidence.

Jasie watched him for a minute, unsure of what to do.  Something was very wrong with Michael.  She had to find out what it was.

Her purse still lay on the couch where it had been left the night before.  She snatched it up.  Fumbling for her keys, she locked the door and followed Michael.

He rounded the corner and disappeared.  Her heart sank.  He’d lied to her.  Mike wasn’t heading toward the supermarket.  In fact, he was heading in the opposite direction.  Jasie quickened her pace and forced her sluggish body to keep moving.

Michael kept walking with that strange shoulders-back, eyes-ahead posture.  It surprised her when he passed the park.  She began to worry when the line of houses ended and the woods began.  But he kept walking down the low slope into the shadows.

For a moment, Jasie stared after him.  His stiff posture looked all wrong.  Just watching him added to her anxiety as he disappeared further into the woods.  Desperate to know where he was going, she quietly tailed him down the hill.  She flattened herself against a broad trunk and peered around the tree.  Mike walked purposely through the brush, pushing branches aside as he moved.  He seemed to head for a clump of trees that grew so close together their roots overlapped.  He quickened his pace, moving swiftly, as if the trees weren’t there.

She stared after him, waiting for the fence of trees to stop his forward progress.  But instead of moving around the dark trunks, Mike merely walked up to the clump of trees.

And disappeared.

Jasie choked back a horrified scream.  She waited for a minute, certain Mike had simply skirted the trees and her eyes had played tricks on her.  But her husband never reappeared.  After a moment, she left her hiding place and crept forward.

She skirted the clump of trees, searching for Michael.  But all she found were more trees, more foliage.  She knocked against the trunk of one of the trunks.  Cool, solid bark touched her hand.  There was no place for a grown man to have vanished, yet Michael was gone.


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