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Dark Love - Now Available!


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Dark Love - Now Available!


A new edition of my paranormal short, Dark Love, is now available from Smashwords and Amazon.com.

Dark Love is the story of Carena Wilder, a new homeowner who finds a handsome and sexy vampire living in a hidden room.

Below is an excerpt. Hope you enjoy it!



Carena Wilder is delighted to finally have her own home, even if the power of sale property needs a fair bit of work. She’s less happy with her purchase when she finds a vampire living in a hidden library room.

Kalan Marx has had the worst date of his life. He wakes up on the beach with no idea how he came to be there or what happened to the mysterious woman he picked up in a bar. He returns home to find out his house has been sold in his absence to the lovely Carena Wilder.

While they work out the logistics of their joint ownership of the property Carena and Kalan find themselves falling in love. Until Kalan realizes he’s become the target of an over-zealous vampire hunter.


Excerpt from Dark Love:

Carena had been having the strangest dream.  She'd awakened in the bed in the old house she'd bought.  A terrible storm had shaken the night.  Then she'd heard the creak on the downstairs floor.  And that's when the dream had changed ...

Red soaked her mind.  Red shadows, red lightning etching the walls, crimson liquid running across the kitchen floor.  She should be afraid, she thought, desperately afraid.  Strangely, she wasn't.

She floated on that red tide, weightlessly.  Conscious thought seemed impossible to hang on to.  Dizzying waves of desire spiraled through her.  Strong arms enveloped her, holding her up, which was good because her knees had long ago given way.  It became impossible to think beyond the curtain of red across her vision.  Valiantly, she tried to pull back that drapery to gaze beyond at the being who held her, but awareness drifted away from her until the red became black and she remembered no more.

Consciousness came back to her with a jolt and a gasp.  She reached out a hand, finding warm leather beneath her questing fingers.  She cracked an eyelid.  Darkness.  Well, not quite, she could make out the colors in the spines of the volumes on the bookshelf on the other side of the room, see the weave in the carpet beneath the couch.  Someone had covered her with a blanket, even though the air felt hot and muggy.  She didn't recognize the room, she thought with a start, sitting up quickly.

The blanket fell to the floor.  And then she realized why she'd been covered with a blanket.  Her robe was gone along with the ratty t-shirt she usually wore to bed.  She reached for the blanket and hastily covered herself.

Something moved in the shadows on the far side of the room.  She caught a glimpse of a solid-looking oak desk and an old wooden chair on wheels.  But it was the man sitting at the desk, watching her carefully that absorbed her attention.

"Hey," he said, the way you might if you met a friend on the street.  It made him sound younger than she'd expected.  It made him sound like anything but the kind of monster who might ....

Might what, her mind inquired?  She searched her memory for the answers and drew a blank.  All she could remember was red.

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