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Bio Hazard - Now Available


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Bio Hazard - Now Available




I'm happy to announce that my horror story Bio Hazard is now available from Smashwords and Amazon.

I've been releasing a few stories from my backlist, some of which haven't been seen in a while. It's an ecclectic mix of horror, science fiction and romance.

Bio Hazard was written while I was working as medical photographer. I have to say that hospitals are some of the most interesting places I've worked!

Hope you enjoy it!



A medical photographer discovers a strange, parasitic life force lurking within the hospital. Can she stop it before it kills again?


Excerpt from Bio Hazard:

cord button lit up the front of the camera and the deck whirred away reassuringly. Koren leaned back in her chair and rubbed the back of her neck. A flurry of action in the operating room caught her attention.

The patient, who not a second before was doing just fine, had suddenly gone into cardiac arrest. Was it suddenly very cold in the control booth? Or was it just her imagination?

Koren hit the stop button, and ran the tape backward. She stared at the images on the monitor. The operating room, as it had been two minutes ago, the cardiac arrest, the resulting action…no wait…. She hit the jog-shuttle and watched it move backward again in slow motion. The operating room…a curtain of white gauze…yes, there it was. Koren ran the tape frame by frame, examining each image as the video jerked forward.

A filmy white shape passed in front of the camera. Koren paused the tape. In the glare of the lights the white streak materialized into roughly human form. It paused at the head of the operating table. Neither the surgeon nor his attending staff seemed to notice the intrusion. The translucent figure bent over the patient's face, as if in prayer, then vanished. On the tape, another second passed uneventfully.

Suddenly the operating room sprang into action, all hands occupied in an attempt to resuscitate the patient.

Koren looked away from the monitor to the scene in the operating room. The patient was being wheeled away, a sheet over his face.



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