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Even more record reviews

November 21st, 2010

Electronic Music: Turnabout 1965

Interesting artifact with meeping, UFO sounds  and noise, includes some very dark moments from the dawn of the synth.  Good test for your turntable.  Features Walter Carlos.  Some of this sounds current.

Susan Jacks: I Thought of You Again 1973

On the Poppy Family label, Goldfish.   I really love Susan Jacks voice.  Produced by Terry Jacks.  Thanks to Yamaha Canada for the Arp...

MC5: Kick Out the Jams 1968

I've been holding off on buying this for a long time, trying to get the uncensored track, but this is the "brothers and sisters" version.  Heavy heavy stuff.  Detroit of this era had a sound like no other.  The Stooges were the other big band from Detroit, and are originals in their own right.   You can hear this sound as a  big influence on early Alice Cooper and Kiss.

More Record Reviews from the recent additions

November 20th, 2010

Roches - Another World LP

Wow, what happened here?  The first LP is SO sweet and raw and unproduced and that was the whole appeal of The Roches.  This one has an over-produced eighties "sound" including synths which doesn't work with these beautiful female vocals at all.    Heavy guitar too!?   Warner made a real misstep with this one.  The lyrics are still clever though...  Bottom line, there's a great LP in here somewhere, buried under all this production...

Gina X 45 RPM single

Around 1980, I purchased an album by the German artist Gina X called Nice Mover, which was very different for the time… It was a combination of punk and electrobeat mixed with a little disco… There is very little about Gina X on the internet.  English was her second language by a long shot, but still the LP had an interesting Grace Jones feel to it.  Finally found an additional 45 rpm single of hers after 30 years.  As I bought it someone else remarked "she's good", so I'm not alone.  Still interesting after all that time.  "Maybe my lover is a microphone" "You are perfect you are shear"...

Cardboard Brains 45 RPM EP

OMG, how rare is this?  Sealed copy of  the original 1979 12" 45 RPM ep which includes "Caesar Drives a Fast Car".  Favourite Toronto art punks and featured on CFNY back in the day, I haven't heard this since it came out...   Still holds up, almost goth, before there was goth.  Amazing EP, these guys were great...  "Rescue Crew" is almost psychobilly.  They've already tossed out the punk roots which made their first single so great, but this is a great disk and way ahead of it's time.

OMD - Telegraph 45 RPM single

I still love these guys.  Telegraph is a steampunk anthem featured here, as is the B side.  BTW, So is Tesla Girls released elsewhere...


Record reviews

November 14th, 2010

I'm listening to the records recently added to my collection...

Here are some quick reviews:

The Stranglers: Who Wants the World 45 EP 1980 Japan

I saw them live on this tour, which I wear as a badge of honor and an admission of advancing age...

I wish the production was better on this…you'd expect more outstanding sound on a Japanese 45 EP.    Still, it  features a great version of  Bear Cage, which I always thought at the time was titled birdcage, which has a whole different meaning…  The standout track for me is an instrumental version of  The Meninblack, which led to the next and last concept LP from The Stranglers.

Rock-a-Teens Woo Hoo LP 1959

1959 was the year that rockabilly gave it's last gasp and clashed with the status quo and the up-coming teen idols, there was a lot of wierd and great stuff recorded this year, as bands tried to transform or retrofit into the new sound.  There is nothing quite like rockabilly recorded in 1959,  it know's it is dying sound, but it's not going out without a fight...

The lead track, Woo Hoo is creepy and beautiful and an all time fave.   The Rock-a-teens still retain a snarling rockabilly flavor throughout, and some tracks are very Gene Vincent...  Janis Will Rock is a lovesong to Janis Martin, the female Elvis.  There's not a single mention about this on Google, so it's a scoop for this page... :-)

On My Nerves is a great 1959 instro.

Creed Taylor Orchestra: Panic Son of Shock

This is an upscale version of Frankie Stien and the Ghouls done by a full orchestra on an audiophile label.  Tracks sound like a person in an iron lung, a lion tamer killing someone in the audience, a laughing record track, car crashes, mountain climbing accidents and a cautionary tale about smoking around toxic waste.   A real treat!



Record Show Haul

November 7th, 2010

I love this record show, it happens twice a year and it's just down the street from my house...  What could be better!

Pretty happy with this load of stuff.

Finally scored the second Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps LP on Capitol.  Way better than his first LP, where it seemed every second song was a fake ballad to tone down the energy of the rockabilly tracks.  Everything here is way uptempo, with lots of shouting by the band and there's some weird stuff too, like "Cat Man" where Gene is very threatening and strange in a sort of bizarre werewolf mode, like a take off on "Cat People".

Rockateens LP- Woo Hoo! I've wanted to get this for years…

Johnny Cash San Quentin - just needed a condition update on my copy...

Cramps Psychedelic Jungle outtakes bootleg- I've never seen this before but it's the Cramps first take on Psychedelic Jungle, with a more 80's sound.  I prefer the released LP, but this is pretty interesting.  Yellow vinyl.

Enoch Light, Dick Hyman, picked up some loose ends.  Provacative Piano Vol. 2.

1959 Electronica compilation, really looking forward to hearing this.  Walter/Wendy Carlos way before he got famous.


Kursaal Flyers X 3   Managed to find three LPs by the Flyers.  I didn't really hear about this band until recently.  They have more of a pub rock sound, and were popular on the club scene in London just before punk broke.

Kate and Anna 1st

sealed Julie London. You don't see a sealed Julie London album very often.  But every time I buy a sealed album these days, I usually get home, break the seal, and find the record inside is broken. So these days I just get the dealer to open it at the show to make sure everything is okay.

3rd Roches. 

Susan Jacks 1st

Cardboard Brains 1st EP!  It was so crazy to find this. I haven't seen this EP since it was released around 1979, classic Toronto art punk. Who knew?

MC5 Kick out the Jams motherf**kers version!

King Kurt & Lene Lovich pic disks.  Who would've thought that King Kurt would have released a picture disc?

Panic the son of Shock, which I've never even seen on vinyl!!!  This was the sequel to the Shock album, by the Creed Taylor Orchestra.  I have this on CD, and now I've got the vinyl.

Siouxsie singles and more Stranglers Ep's

Jerry Lee Lewis Live, 60's Garage Punk & Tom Jones TV show first season on DVD.

I'm in music geek heaven. :-)

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August 27th, 2010
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