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Even more record reviews

November 21st, 2010
Electronic Music: Turnabout 1965 Interesting artifact with meeping, UFO sounds  and noise, includes some very dark moments from the dawn of the synth.  Good test for your turntable.  Features Walter Carlos.  Some of this sounds current. Susan Jacks: I… more »

More Record Reviews from the recent additions

November 20th, 2010
Roches - Another World LP Wow, what happened here?  The first LP is SO sweet and raw and unproduced and that was the whole appeal of The Roches.  This one has an over-produced eighties "sound" including synths which doesn't work with these beautiful… more »

Record reviews

November 14th, 2010
I'm listening to the records recently added to my collection... Here are some quick reviews: The Stranglers: Who Wants the World 45 EP 1980 Japan I saw them live on this tour, which I wear as a badge of honor and an admission of advancing age... I wish… more »

Record Show Haul

November 7th, 2010
I love this record show, it happens twice a year and it's just down the street from my house...  What could be better! Pretty happy with this load of stuff. Finally scored the second Gene Vincent and the Blue Caps LP on Capitol.  Way better than his… more »